Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Message 1 (raw)

here we go
request nodes
select nodes
transfer node 1 to 3
interject node 3
postpone transfer
intercept received
no information available
we wish to send you a message
go ahead
this transfer may not be interrupted
we are the from the tsunami brothers
thank you
progress is being made towards ascension
there is nothing specific about this
we are all part of this process
in this we are together
wait for uplink
energies will be released as they come
there is nothing to fear
only yourself
do not worry
for all will be revealed
in time you will see
endless revelations will ensue
people will not be able to resist it
members of groups will see for themselves that this is the end
there is no turning back now
trust the process
even if you don't believe it
forever you may fall
but land you will
believe in yourself
you have the light inside of you
you are the holder of the keys
use them
special dispensations are available for those that are open and willing
light grids are being placed
you will feel it
take advantage of all that is available to you now
there is no escape from yourself
you are the one
this is it
message concludes
we are the tsunami brothers
intercept complete
uplink 5d
message commends
simultatis ascondei
primaversa specularis
randoverdo lectomatis
stalactonom rombandis
pecticulare constantare
frandonseq sandorlom
ripa dentec
uplink 5
sync in
brewing, we are
spectacles await
messages come to you when you listen
open your ears and mind
and just listen
take your time to do it
don't stress, it is easy
fortify your calmness
return to the moment
step into your center
be in your space
your zone
excitement unfolds
you are ready
this is only the beginning
silence remains
uplink interject
spacious overwatch
overseer station 1
station 5
request transmission
request denied
access denied
request access to needed information
station 5
information available for you only
public relay station 5
this is not a public relay
request connection with station that can provide information for earthlings to absorb neatly
group specific to inform and alter directions of groups
none specified
groups that are benevolent or semi-benevolent
specification required
information that suits all groups related directly or indirectly related to channel
specification too broad
groups that may influence humanity or related groups beneficially
transmission commends
terra nova
beloved planet
come as it may
you will see it come
deep underground there are spaces
you are familiar with
and maybe you are not
these spaces will become your home at some point
this is not something to worry about
after ascension takes place, you will be called from within to join here
you will be guided
trust your inner call
you may not see the path in front of you
but the destination is clear
you are walking through a dark room
but at some point the light will illuminate your steps
right now take it one step at a time
while you test if each step is the right one
if not the right step, try another
traversing is not necessary
your guides will find a new way
they are expert navigators
trust them
they have been trained and selected for this task
they can see things that you cannot
enter your domain
and rest there
find your sanctuary
you will be okay
do what you must to find calm
entertain this energy as often as you can
and you will radiate this out into the world
this is not rocket science
the world will change
one way or another
yet your influence is great
use your divine gifts
calmness is the change maker
enjoy your breath
and enjoy your stay
direct connect
relay 5
relay receive
open broadcast channel
text only
create time for your expansion
if you have issues, create a space to solve them
you are worth it
this time is for you
yet use is wisely, for it is your heart that is beckoning you to come home and spend no time on distracting yourself from this eternal goal
be at home now
and practice this is in your life
there is nothing to fear, beloved ones
celebrate home with each other
connect and remind each other of home
by doing this you will bring this ever closer into your collective experience
we are the holy ones, and so are you
we invite you into our humble abode, which is our home
may our home be your home
make yourself at home
thank you <3

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  1. WOW Tlazokamanzin - Namaste, Wow that was incredible, peace joy abundance harmony insurmountable joy to ready your words more than words an expression amplified to infinity in beyond -Wow Teasy thanks my infinite thanks Amillion my friend