Monday, July 3, 2017


These messages are captured from energy streams between specific Inter-Galactic groups that communicate about the energetic details of the ongoing liberation of our planet on the path towards Ascension.
The idea I received was to share these messages here in order for anyone on or off-planet, specifically part of other benevolent or semi-benevolent groups, to whom these communications may be of interest, to be able to read and discern the more subtle level content so that these beings or groups can adjust their perceptions and actions accordingly, to further better the relational interdependencies of our co-existence in this Solar System.

In the end we all basically want the same thing, but it is only the strategies that we have chosen to adopt or use that are different.
In this ongoing energetic momentum for global and Galactic Unification, may we find more ways to connect with one another in a peaceful and neutral space, to find mutual strategies for all involved to focus on, on the pathway to abundant fulfillment for all!


  1. Hello Teasy, You have some amazing writing abilities i am not a professional writer or an expert on the field. To my defense I have read lots of poetry in different languages and many volumes on religions of the world, ancient religions and or spirituality, all the encyclopedias, studied in depth etymology, all in all I consider myself to be well read in every major topic and I would say – with all confidence, conviction and in admirance, that you are definitely a true Visionary with a huge heart a true scholar and a poet, How you express your words can be felt from light-years away exponentially. Thanks you for your support to the blogs as I never have been into blogging however I see it is much more about conveying positive information and uncovering of the vail. All the best my friend

  2. Dear, Teasy-san,

    I hope that you are the person I know. I am very happy to find this blog. The text of the blog was difficult for me, but like the Zen priests, I know that it is always holy and fragrant what you wrote.

    I am looking for a meditation group for women who can meditate for goddess, but it feels difficult now. That meditation group that Anna-san was making was wonderful.
    I think that group had your sacred energy. It was a very noble spiritual meditation group. I would like to make such a group of spiritual meditation in Japan, but I feel that I still need growth. Find your blog,I left a message because I felt nostalgic so much.
    pleae take care, m caly