Thursday, August 3, 2017

Message 2 (raw)

Transmission 1
Uplink 5
Sector 54
Exchange connection
Connect relay
Relaxed dependency
Interruption permitted
Request confirmation
Confirmation received
Uplink now
Connect to group
Hueman rays
Connect to source
Presence in expression
Read protocol
Relay information now
Clear interactions remain
Fortify defenses
Further quantities
<long silence>
Please hold
Transmit requested information please
Fortify defenses
Unilateral decision necessary
Prevail over infinite decision making
Cut the cords
Release your boundaries
Act into your senses
Be bold and live your dream
Step up to the plate
You are the star
Free you are
Recognize this
Transmission complete
Deepen connection
Establish overall relationship
Increase precision on relay
Open transmission
We are the transmission team
We are here to assist you on your mission
Please be open to receive
This transmission is energetic in nature
There is no need to understand
Your heart is open
Be careful with your Self
You are that
Feel it
Experience it
Open up to it
Embody it
Express it
Breathe it
You are it
Flow with yourself
Follow your Self
Listen and hear
Your voice is sweet
Be silent and patient
To hear the call of your Self
It is You that is calling
You have called this forth
Trust your Self
Your message is Sacred
Your message is Vital
Your message is Life
Embrace it
You stream vitality from your Being
Take all that you are into your own hands
You are the creator
Rest in this
Purposefully choose
The soundscape needs You
Be well
Transmission ends
Sync transmission orbit 1
Sync transmittor lunar 1
Sync transponder orb 12
Request access
Access undefinable
Access granted
Your body and your being are one
Nothing is needed nor required for this
No separation exists
It is all in your mind
Please understand this
Relax yourself in any way you can
This frees up your mind
For truly amazing information to flow through
No impediments of any sorts will hinder you
You will get in touch with your deeper layers
You will discover your mission
Just breathe
Relax your body
Focus on yourself
Focus on your breathing
Focus on your emotions and let them go
Focus and let go
Release your focus
Your tension floats away
Hear the sound of silence
It is all around you
It is inside you
Follow it
It is who you are
You are the silence
You know it
Because you feel it
Let go
And enjoy
Who you are
Transmission ends
Sync transmission orbit 1 through 12
Sync transponder 1 through 12
receive transmission
irreversible damage has been done to cargo bay
we are needing assistance right now
- please stand by leader 1
we have an emergency situation here
requesting pick up at once
- we have a cruiser on the way
- eta 15 minutes
roger that
transmission ends
Sync transmission orbit 12 through 24
Sync transponder 1 through 12
receive transmission
package delivery
create resources
storage facility
model 14903
create vessel
locking bay
hull repository
freighter cargo hold
check instance of delivery
ready for setup
send transmission
-transmission ends
Connect to field of transmissions
to Ether network established
transmission begins
Behold fellow human beings
Of your grand prize to collect
It is ready for you
It merely requires your attention to pick it up
It is not difficult to do so
It is not a physical package that you receive
It is a mental package
This package countracts the long struggle that you have experienced
Within or without you are experiencing this
It is time to change this od mode
For you are ready for a new way
All of humanity have waitd a long time for this
Now this time is here
You wonder why nothing ha s happened yet
We say to you that this is because it requires your action
Your choice to jmp on the new band wagon so to speak
It is you that will set this in motion
We are waiting for you
Everything is already set up
It is you that will change this world
All of you together
No saviors
No single groups
No outlwas
No angels
It is you
And you alone
Since you are all one
Start with yourself
Open up your mind
Your feelings
Rest in your self
Be with your self
It is easy
You just have to do it
Create time for it
Do it every day
Even if it is only 5 seconds
See it as an exercise
But one that does not equire any effort
It is merely the mind that tries to distract you from this
Once you set this in motion it will get easier
More and more effortless it will be
Be patient with yourself
Take it easy
Don't be hard on yourself
Practice makes perfect
For you are experiencing the path to perfection
You are perfection
And you are experiencing imperfection
This very interesting paradox is about to make way for an infinite experience
The experience of an infinite life time
The infinitime
As time speeds up you becoming more open
The mind has less power over You
Get ready for the Big Bang
You will be in the middle of it
The Big Bang will happen when the time lines converge
These are not different realities merging
These are times speeding up until they become One Time
The existence of being without time
or beyond time
outside of time
being in the moment
yet as a collective experience
imagine this
feel it
anticipate your timeless freedom
remind yourself of this during your day
this is all it takes
we are grateful for your attention and participation
humanity is grateful for your efforts
every little bit helps
you can do it
you are loved
we love you
think of us and here we are
remember this
see you soon
Transmission ends
thank you <3

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Message 1 (raw)

here we go
request nodes
select nodes
transfer node 1 to 3
interject node 3
postpone transfer
intercept received
no information available
we wish to send you a message
go ahead
this transfer may not be interrupted
we are the from the tsunami brothers
thank you
progress is being made towards ascension
there is nothing specific about this
we are all part of this process
in this we are together
wait for uplink
energies will be released as they come
there is nothing to fear
only yourself
do not worry
for all will be revealed
in time you will see
endless revelations will ensue
people will not be able to resist it
members of groups will see for themselves that this is the end
there is no turning back now
trust the process
even if you don't believe it
forever you may fall
but land you will
believe in yourself
you have the light inside of you
you are the holder of the keys
use them
special dispensations are available for those that are open and willing
light grids are being placed
you will feel it
take advantage of all that is available to you now
there is no escape from yourself
you are the one
this is it
message concludes
we are the tsunami brothers
intercept complete
uplink 5d
message commends
simultatis ascondei
primaversa specularis
randoverdo lectomatis
stalactonom rombandis
pecticulare constantare
frandonseq sandorlom
ripa dentec
uplink 5
sync in
brewing, we are
spectacles await
messages come to you when you listen
open your ears and mind
and just listen
take your time to do it
don't stress, it is easy
fortify your calmness
return to the moment
step into your center
be in your space
your zone
excitement unfolds
you are ready
this is only the beginning
silence remains
uplink interject
spacious overwatch
overseer station 1
station 5
request transmission
request denied
access denied
request access to needed information
station 5
information available for you only
public relay station 5
this is not a public relay
request connection with station that can provide information for earthlings to absorb neatly
group specific to inform and alter directions of groups
none specified
groups that are benevolent or semi-benevolent
specification required
information that suits all groups related directly or indirectly related to channel
specification too broad
groups that may influence humanity or related groups beneficially
transmission commends
terra nova
beloved planet
come as it may
you will see it come
deep underground there are spaces
you are familiar with
and maybe you are not
these spaces will become your home at some point
this is not something to worry about
after ascension takes place, you will be called from within to join here
you will be guided
trust your inner call
you may not see the path in front of you
but the destination is clear
you are walking through a dark room
but at some point the light will illuminate your steps
right now take it one step at a time
while you test if each step is the right one
if not the right step, try another
traversing is not necessary
your guides will find a new way
they are expert navigators
trust them
they have been trained and selected for this task
they can see things that you cannot
enter your domain
and rest there
find your sanctuary
you will be okay
do what you must to find calm
entertain this energy as often as you can
and you will radiate this out into the world
this is not rocket science
the world will change
one way or another
yet your influence is great
use your divine gifts
calmness is the change maker
enjoy your breath
and enjoy your stay
direct connect
relay 5
relay receive
open broadcast channel
text only
create time for your expansion
if you have issues, create a space to solve them
you are worth it
this time is for you
yet use is wisely, for it is your heart that is beckoning you to come home and spend no time on distracting yourself from this eternal goal
be at home now
and practice this is in your life
there is nothing to fear, beloved ones
celebrate home with each other
connect and remind each other of home
by doing this you will bring this ever closer into your collective experience
we are the holy ones, and so are you
we invite you into our humble abode, which is our home
may our home be your home
make yourself at home
thank you <3

Monday, July 3, 2017


These messages are captured from energy streams between specific Inter-Galactic groups that communicate about the energetic details of the ongoing liberation of our planet on the path towards Ascension.
The idea I received was to share these messages here in order for anyone on or off-planet, specifically part of other benevolent or semi-benevolent groups, to whom these communications may be of interest, to be able to read and discern the more subtle level content so that these beings or groups can adjust their perceptions and actions accordingly, to further better the relational interdependencies of our co-existence in this Solar System.

In the end we all basically want the same thing, but it is only the strategies that we have chosen to adopt or use that are different.
In this ongoing energetic momentum for global and Galactic Unification, may we find more ways to connect with one another in a peaceful and neutral space, to find mutual strategies for all involved to focus on, on the pathway to abundant fulfillment for all!